Hot chocolate in Harrow


The chocolate room

We went to Harrow last weekend and I came across a shop called ‘The chocolate room’. We needed somewhere to have a drink and also where Dee can have his mid morning snacks and this seemed the perfect place!

We were amazed by the variety of hot chocolates available. Unfortunately they ran out of coconut and hazelnuts but the staff told me ‘gianduia’ is the best one to have as I wanted to drink something nutty. Dan ordered a double macchiato and a coconut and raspberry slice. We also bought a chocolate that looks like a cake to take away, it looked really cute and was hard to resist!

My hot chocolate tasted amazing!!! I would definitely recommend going there again!!!


Chinese New Year treats!!


CNY treats!!! Yum!

It is Chinese New Year this week and I wanted to make something quick and simple treats to bring into work. Plus nothing to big as I still need to get on the public transport! Chinese new year desserts are quite traditional and the taste is quite strong. I wanted to make something a bit traditional but also a bit western as well! So came up with Christine’s lemon almond cookies,’s melt in your mouth peanut cookies and Lorraine Pascale’s peanut butter squares. My other Chinese colleague brought some white rabbit sweets which taste like milk sweets and some pandan cake.

The treats went down really well!!! I was pleased with them myself! The peanut cookies were so simple to make and I ended up making 2 batches as they were so addictive to eat! They looked traditional and tasted ever so crumbley!! I will blog her recipes once I get the chance! I have made the peanut butter squares previously but the texture was very powdery! This time, it turned out really nice and compact. Maybe I left in them in the fridge all night and made them more set!! My husband kept eating them all so I had to take them into work earlier before he gobbles them all up!!!

Hope all my family and friends have a fab chinese new year and wish them happiness and good health!!!


Peanut cookies


Lemon almond cookies


Peanut butter squares

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Marks and Spencer's deal

I was in Marks and Spencer and saw their valentine’s deal – dine in for two for £20. I thought that was a great deal so I checked it out during my lunchtime. I did speak to my hubby as to what his plans are for us but with a 14 months old toddler, a romantic dinner doesn’t seem too appealing and plus I don’t want to disturb other couples! Plus, I always find that restaurants on that particular day, the meals are really expensive! I would prefer to have dinner at home.


Our valentine's dinner!!!

I was so amazed about what I got as it seems too good to be true! In this deal, you get a starter, main, side, dessert, bottlenof cava and chocolates…all for £20!! When I was getting my foods, I had to double check with the sales assistant that I was doing it correctly as there were alot of stuff included!!!

I was so pleased as dinner is sorted for valentine’s!!! All I need to do is to heat them up! Yum! I can’t wait! Wishing everybody a happy valentine’s day!!!

Happy Nutella Day!!!

It was world’s nutella day on Thursday 5th Feb!! I haven’t heard of this day before but saw posts and tweets online with lots of nutella recipes!

I saw this brownie mixture online and it only uses 3 ingedients and thought that is so simple, I can do this!! As I have my little boy now, it is difficult to find time to bake unless my hubby looks after him! I wanted to celebrate this day as well and decided to try this recipe out!!

All was needed was 90g plain flour, nutella x 400g jar and 3 x eggs. I added a tsp of vanilla extract and a handful of chopped up roasted hazelnuts to this recipe. Bake for 15 to 20 mins at gas mark 4. Let it cool in the tin so that it sets and cut!! Yum!



They turned out delicious!!! Really moist inside and better eaten the next day!! Recipe said to cut into 12 pieces but u can cut them smaller as it is quite indulgent!!! Happy nutella day!!!