Chinese New Year treats!!


CNY treats!!! Yum!

It is Chinese New Year this week and I wanted to make something quick and simple treats to bring into work. Plus nothing to big as I still need to get on the public transport! Chinese new year desserts are quite traditional and the taste is quite strong. I wanted to make something a bit traditional but also a bit western as well! So came up with Christine’s lemon almond cookies,’s melt in your mouth peanut cookies and Lorraine Pascale’s peanut butter squares. My other Chinese colleague brought some white rabbit sweets which taste like milk sweets and some pandan cake.

The treats went down really well!!! I was pleased with them myself! The peanut cookies were so simple to make and I ended up making 2 batches as they were so addictive to eat! They looked traditional and tasted ever so crumbley!! I will blog her recipes once I get the chance! I have made the peanut butter squares previously but the texture was very powdery! This time, it turned out really nice and compact. Maybe I left in them in the fridge all night and made them more set!! My husband kept eating them all so I had to take them into work earlier before he gobbles them all up!!!

Hope all my family and friends have a fab chinese new year and wish them happiness and good health!!!


Peanut cookies


Lemon almond cookies


Peanut butter squares


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