About Me

This is the inspiration for the name of my blog!

This is the inspiration for the name of my blog!

Hi, I’m Gigi and welcome to my blog! Last Christmas, my brother-in-law & niece got me a personalised apron with ‘Aunty Gigi’s Kitchen’ as I am always bringing desserts to my parents in law’s house when we have our family dinners! I thought it was a cute name and this became the inspiration name for my blog!

This blog is dedicated to baking, cooking and eating, it makes me very happy! I love baking as I enjoy watching the cake rise in the oven, the smell and the delights it brings to people. Also, I love the feeling of not knowing what to expect either from the bakes as it will always vary, like macaroons and sometimes they just end up as a disaster!!! I just want to share my experience with everybody who loves food!

I love reading cook books and searching receipes online to try out new bakes and food. I just wish that there could be way of not putting on weight as i have got such a sweet tooth and can’t resist yummy food and desserts! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to leave any comments! You can now follow me on Twitter – @Auntygkitchen


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