The Perfect Pavlova

During then Xmas period, I had such a disaster with making my meringues desserts!! I wanted to make Lorraine Pascal’s Strawberries & Cream Meringue Layer cake from her ‘Bake’ book and the recipe required 10 egg whites. I didn’t have the heart to use 10 eggs as I wasn’t sure what to do with so many left over yolks and you can’t keep them for long!!

So, in Tescos, I brought a carton of egg whites as it said it can be used to make desserts. I measured the egg whites and the mixture was really runny and not getting stiff at all. I baked it and the outcome was really sticky and flat. I had to bin most of it as I made 5 x disks. We ate 1 of them and the boys seems to like it, but I found it too chewy to eat!! Luckily, I had some meringue nests in my cupboards and added some double cream and berries for my back up dessert.

Then last week, a blog that I follow by Eat Little Bird, posted an entry on Pavlova and tips of why the mixture has failed. I found it really useful and will refer back to it when I make a meringue dessert again which I did for new year’s eve!! To finish it off, I would drizzle some melted chocolate on top or buy a flakes chocolate and crumble it over.