The London Coffee Festival Tickets


The London Coffee Festival

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before that I am tea drinker!I love my english teas and when I was pregnant, drinking decaffinated tea was torture!! I don’t drink coffee as it seems to make me sleepy rather than being awake which is the opposite effect on me!! Whereas my hubby is quite enthusiastic about his coffee trying different methods and beans! He likes to drink espressos. I bought him the Bialetti Moka Express pot last year and he loves it!! Although he does say it is hit and miss with making the coffee as sometimes it is burnt or the coffee doesn’t come out right but he still enjoys the process!! I feel bad sometimes as he always want to share his coffee because it makes two cups! Recently he has been mentioning this new gadget called an ‘areopress’ and he heard great reviews! So I got it for his birthday present this year!! He was very impressed with his new gadget and said the coffee is very easy to make and taste really smooth!! I will blog the method next time!

He told me about the London Coffee Festival on 30th April to 3rd May at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane and asked if I wanted to go! I couldn’t really say no as in the past, I have dragged him to the cake and bake shows and wedding fairs etc so I felt like returning the favour!!lol! Plus I think it will be a nice family day out taking our Dee Dee with us!!!

In Time Out magazine they had a special offer promo code TIME15 for 2 tickets at £20. Normally it would cost £11.50. We are going to this festival on Sunday. There should be lots of coffee and some food stalls aswell!! I will need to try out some coffee there and maybe it will have a different effect on me as it has been a long time since I last drank some!! Will take some photos for you guys to see!!


Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express

As a belated birthday present for my hubby, he has always liked drinking coffees and we got a cafetière but is always so messy to clean afterwards! He has mentioned that he wanted those coffee makers on the stove and always intrigued how it makes the coffee so i searched online and found one called ‘Bialetti Moka Express’ from Amazon. Since having our Dee, i do love shopping online since it is difficult to go shopping with a baby. I can only shop properly if he is sleeping or my hubby is looking after him. My favourite stores at the moment is Amazon (quick delivery), Mothercare and Kiddicare!!! 🙂


My hubby was so pleased with his Bialetti Moka Express! At my old work place, one of the directors was French and he would always make his coffee on the stove and make it really messy because i think he over boils it and you can just smell the aroma of burnt coffee from the kitchen. I personally don’t drink coffee as i don’t like the taste so I don’t get excited about the different types of coffee beans like my hubby does!

Dan was fascinated with the whole mechanism and kept making alot of coffee to test it out As I don’t drink coffee, he has to have the whole pot to himself which is like 6 espresso cups!!! By the end of the weekends, he had a headache!!! Too much caffeine!

He was showing his new toy to my mum as she is a coffee drinker as well, she likes lattes and my mum said she wanted one as well! 🙂 We made her coffee on her electric stove, i don’t think it has the same effect as making it on the gas hob because the heat switches on and off so it is not constant! My mum was still happy though as the coffee is still very smooth and silky like! I can only take their word for it! 🙂

Made of 3 components

Made of 3 components








Cold water is filled at the bottom just beneath the safety valve and the coffee is packed in the middle

Cold water is filled at the bottom just beneath the safety valve and the coffee is packed in the middle. Put it on the stove until it boils, it would take about 5 – 10 minutes or so. You will need to watch it because the coffee can burn very fast!








Coffee will then start filters out from the top

Coffee will then start spitting out from the top











The coffee will then start to flow quite quickly and you will need to take it off the heat

The coffee will then start to flow quite quickly and you will need to take it off the heat








A very nice coffee! :)

A very nice coffee! 🙂