1st Bake of 2019

Happy New Year to everyone!! It has been such a long time since I last went on my blog!! I couldn’t even remember my password!! I do apologize for being missing!!

I have been so busy with my 2 beautiful boys, Dee who is 5 years old now and Gray who is 2 years old!! Both boys are a handful as they are full of energy!!! I have still been baking but not having much time to write my entries.

I was saying to my husband that I missed blogging on my site and he said “Just do it!” I find time baking during the boys nap times or when my husband is off, as i do love exploring new recipes and i enjoy it aswell!! The steriliser has been put away so there is space for my beloved Kitchenaid!! Recently he has been hooked on Instagram and posting entries every day. So, for my new year’s resolution is to get back into blogging and to start posting entries on Instagram aswell.

Therefore my 1st bake for 2019 is Brownies!! I am having a family lunch this Saturday and both of my boys loves chocolate and my 2 neice so I wanted to bake something chocolatey!! A few months ago, I purchased Martha Collison’s book called Twist and found her recipe on Brownies and decided to make them.

I do try lots of different brownies recipes as I find the texture is always different, sometimes its hard or dry or too soft in the middle. So I do have a favourite one which I normally use from Tescos as it is so simple to knock up and it has never failed for me. I will write up a separate entry for this later on.

Martha’s recipe can be found here but just omit the easter eggs. You can always put different chocolates as I used white chocolate chips so that it is not too dark. The mixture is very wet and once baked, when you use the knife to cut into it, the top of it cracks but in the middle it is very fudgy like. The boys love it so I’m sure it will be a hot with the girls aswell!!