Easter treats at work!


Chocolate easter treats!!

We have Easter weekend coming up so on Thursday, I made some chocolate treats for my work colleagues. I wanted to make something quick and easy and of course chocolate!!!


Cornflakes chocolate nests!yum!

I have always wanted to make chocolate cornflake nests as it looks easy and when I saw the recipe online, it is so simple to make!!! It’s a matter of heating up 50g butter, 2 x tbs golden syrup and 150g milk or dark chocolate and then mixing it with the 100g cornflakes!! Spoon them into a cupcake muffin tin and put them in the fridge to set. Just make sure you have fridge space to chill them for at least 30 mins. I decorated them with chocolate eggs on top.

My sister in law, Sharon she makes the rice crispies version which always go down very well at the kids birthday
parties!!! So moreish to eat!!

I also made some rocky road as you just mix everything together and chill to set!!! Had to hide all the treats from my husband, dee and my mum or otherwise there won’t be any left for my work colleagues!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful easter and enjoy the chocolate treats!!!


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